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Field Scouting
Our field scouting program includeds once per week scouting & reporting.
  • Stand counts
  • Weeds
  • Bugs
  • Disease
  • Moisture and irrigation scheduling
Additional services provided
  • Soil sampling
  • Grid sampling
  • Aerial pictures with drone
  • Tissue samples


Considered to be the most damaging corn pest, causing more than $1 billion of annual loss in North America.

  • Plants have a difficulty asorbing moisture and nutrients due to the damaged root system.
  • Plants with a damaged root system are more susceptible to falling over in windy conditions.
  • Can cause plants to Goose-neck

Root Worm Larvae
Root Worm Beetles


A serious pest the feeds on leafs, buds and stems which can destroy entire plants. Referred to as cutworms by their habbit of chewing through seedling stems at ground level.

Black Cutworm
Cutworm Damage

Corn Borer

A common pest whose larva bores through the ears of corn as well as the stocks that can cause the plants to fall over.

Corn Borer
European Corn Borer

Bean Leaf Beetle

A small beetle that feeds on leafs and pods of soybeans. Adults can also transfer the pod mottle virus reducing the quality and yeild.

Bean Leaf Beetle
Bean Leaf Damage

Soybean Aphid

  • Shorter plants
  • Excessive honeydew on plants, promoting growth of sooty mold reducing photosynthesis.
Soybean Aphids

Spider Mites

Damages crops by piercing the leaves and feeding on the plant juices. This results in the loss of moisture and nutrients, resulting in yellow or whitesh spots on the top side of the leaves.

Spider Mites
Spider Mite Damage