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BullsEye® Seed Tubes
Precision Planting: BullsEye Seed Tubes
Precision Planting: BullsEye Seed Tube Closeup

Precision Planting's BullsEye® Seed Tubes solve two common problems when it comes to seed tubes, seed richocet and premature wear.

In many seed tubes today, the sensors interfere with a seeds decent. The seeds can hit the the sensor on their way down the tube slowing the seed's descent which can cause skips and doubles. The BullsEye Seed Tubes have recessed sensors making it impossible for sensor interference. In addition to a recessed sensor, the interior of a Bullseye® Seed Tube is incredibly smooth giving seed the most direct path to the trench.

The BullsEye® Seed Tubes also have tungsten carbide wear tips improving the longevity of your seed tubes reducing your costs overtime.