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eSet® Singulators
Precision Planting: eSet Disk
Precision Planting: eSet Pro Series Disk

eSet® means Every Seed Every Time.

Precision Planting's eSet® vacuum meters are a major step forward in seeding accuracy. With the no adjustments you get a 98.5% singulation on almost every seed type. Cell disks have several inherent problems. Cell disks don't like varying seed sizes, they do better with a medium well seed. Cell disks are designed so that seed rolls out of the seed disk, they are off set to so that they fall to the center line. But because the seeds roll out, they don't fall straight down causing them to bounce back and forth in seed tube.

The eSet® disk has a raised flat surface. The raised surface positions the seed over the center line and the flat surface allows the seed to fall straight down. The flat surface on the eSet® disks doesn't care about seed shape and size and can still seal the vacuum. With eSet® you can run higher vacuums because you're not relying on the vacuum for singulation, you're letting the spring loaded singulator do the job.

eSet® Standard

  • The eSet® Disk
  • Baffle
  • Brushes
  • Brush Holders
  • Spring Loaded Singulator
  • A liner containing the seed chute and baffle
eSet® Pro Series
With the Pro Series of eSet® you'll additionally get a new hopper design that reduces restrictions from a centeral fill hopper eliminatie overfill problems.