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FieldView Plus

FieldView Plus is an optional subscription-based service that uses the cloud to provide advanced features to FieldView, allowing farmers to have their information anytime, anywhere, on different devices (web, tablet, and smartphone).

FieldView Plus gives you the ability to look at planting and harvest reports by field, machine and hybrid. You can view them online or download them as PDFs or Excel files. FieldView Plus growers with a linked Climate account will have the ability to print reports for FSA and Crap Insurance reporting.

Precision Planting: FieldView Plus
Benefits of FieldView Plus:
  • Cloud Sync
    • Keep your field lists, maps and field pins in sync between multiple iPads.
    • This sync happens near real time (every pass or ~5 mins).
    • Provides integrated planting/harvest maps between multiple machines in the same field within minutes.
  • Automatic Data Backup: Provides secure data storage of 20/20 field map files, pins, photos, etc.
  • Wireless File Transfer - Cloud to cab transfer of multiple data sets
    • Upload shape file prescriptions, boundaries and configuration files to the FieldView Web, then wirelessly sync to the iPad for transfer to the 20/20 SeedSense.
  • Text Alerts and Email Reports
    • Set thresholds to get automatic text notifications for planting or harvest
    • Receive hourly, daily, or field change email reports of planting and harvest activity
  • Operation-wide management reports on FieldView Web.
    • See planting or harvesting management reports
    • Select specific performance metrics by field, planter, combine and hybrid.
  • Share field map files with trusted advisors.
    • Download to a PC
    • Share via email
  • A unique sharing key allows you to share data with those you trust.
  • Wireless Coverage sharing for swath control for both planters and combines.
    • Multiple planters or combines share coverage to enable swath control to operate like one machine did it all.
  • Import shape files for viewing as a custom map in the FieldView App
    • Examples: tile lines, Variable Rate Fertility, etc.
    • Provides a single source for viewing maps - with you all the time.
  • Web based Client/Farm/Field management - coming Spring 2014
    • Add/Edit/Merge fields in FieldView website - then sync to iPad for transfer to the 20/20 SeedSense
  • Simplified reporting for Crop Insurance and FSA from FieldView Web
Precision Planting: FieldView Plus - How it works
Precision Planting: FieldView Plus Text Alert