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Keeton Seed Firmer
Precision Planting: Keeton Seed Firmer Dual Tube
Precision Planting: Keeton Seed Firmer Low Profile

Precision Planting's Keeton® Seed Firmers makes hitting your target seed depth easy. Seeds don't always land about the bottom of the trench. The simple design of this device allows it to slide down the trench setting and firming the seeds at the bottom of the trench without collapsing the trench.

Research shows that all seeds need to emerge within a 48-hour window, each day of delay leads to lower yield. Consistent depth control is vital when it comes to uniform germination to insure this window is met.

Keeton® Seed Firmers have
  • the right kind of poly to hold its shape, withstand abrasive soil and keep the proper amount of tension over the seed.
  • the right "attack" angle to properly guide the seed to the trench.
  • the right shape to protect the "V" of the seed trench and to prevent plugging.
  • Integrated liquid applicator so you can apply liquid while you seed.