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Precision Meter
Precision Planting: Precision Meter

Precision Meters by Precision Planting are a complete replacement to your OEM meters. With Precision Meters you'll get SkipStop™, PopulationMax™ the Precision Finger Set, specially designed belts, cams, covers, bearings, housings and drive wheels. All components are designed to work together to optimize your planters performance maximizing your yield potential.

The SureFire® Seed Belt controls the hand-off between the meter and the seed tube. With cupped flights, it insures that the seed is funneled to y he center of the seed tube every time.

SkipStop® eliminates seed bounce in the belt housing. With a patented cushion system, SkipStop belt housings eliminates seed ricochet, bounce, rattle and roll as the seed is ejected from the meter into the belt housing.

Population Max is a specialized poly backing plate that is flatter than traditional metal plates. A smaller exit hole reduces the chance that seeds can ricochet back into the meter.

All things combined will reduce skips and doubles while seeing an improvementen spacing. All this will lead to a higher yield.