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vSet® Singulators
Precision Planting: vSet Open Corn Disk
Precision Planting: vSet Corn
Precision Planting: vSet Singulator Corn

While many are switching to vacuum meters such as Precision Planting's eSet® Meters they are limited to finger meters because eSets are limited to John Deere applications. Precision Planting has brought the advantages of the eSet® system to housing that fits into the same place as the traditional finger meter and EdgeVac® planters. Just install it and go.

Just like the eSet® Meters, the vSet® Meters can

  • Plant a wider variety of seed sizes and shapes
  • Plant a wider variety of types of seeds with a simple disk change
  • Plant at a wider range of speeds
  • Have lower wear and less maintenance costs

With the meter you get

  • A rugged poly housing body that is both light and durable.
  • A flat, 27-hole corn disk with special relief ports that provide agitation for seed-pool loading and consistent release. Disks are also available for soybeans.
  • A five lobe, spring loaded singulator that needs no adjustment for seed size and maintains consistent contact with the disk. You can easily swap singulators to match different crops.
  • A seed extractor with a rolling wheel that keeps fragments from plugging holes in the disk. It snaps into position and changes out quickly to match disks.
  • A sliding gate on the inlet lets you control the seed pool for various types of crops.
  • A meter drive that matches up to existing chain drive systems on Deere 7000 & 7200 and Kinze 2000 & 3000 finger meter planters, plus Kinze EdgeVac.
  • A small cavity vacuum seal that, coupled with the small housing, means lower air needs for higher efficiency and a crisp cutoff for consistent seed release.